Provided you decide to use a PostgreSQL-driven script app on any of your sites, you'll need sufficient database storage for it, to guarantee that even if your site gets larger, it will work effectively and without any disorders. Putting additional products to an e-store or extra comments to a discussion board are just two examples of what can expand your databases. In case you use up all your storage space at some time, the functionality will decrease or the site might not be available at all owing to the fact that after the storage restriction is reached, the script will not be able to store new content in the database - user-generated or system one. Since PostgreSQL is designed for scalable web apps, it is very likely that when you use this kind of database for your website, you'll need more space for it as your website expands.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Hosting
We supply a number of hosting plans to provide you with an option to find the features that you truly need and never pay extra for attributes that you will not use. Because of this, the PostgreSQL storage space is an additional improvement which you can easily add using your Hepsia Control Panel for some of the plans; with others you'll have a certain quota, while with the top-notch packages you get unlimited database space. Because you can quickly switch among the packages or upgrade specific features, you can start with a lower-end one and then upgrade in case you need to host PostgreSQL-driven websites. Of course, if you need to create such a website from the very beginning, you will be able to pick the most suitable package that features PostgreSQL support by default.
PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Servers
When you acquire one of our semi-dedicated hosting plans, you can run PostgreSQL sites without worrying that you can reach any sort of restriction for the volume of your databases, as there isn't such a restriction. Using our cloud web hosting platform, a dedicated cluster of servers manages the databases, thus if extra processing power or database storage space is needed at any time, we just attach additional servers or hard disk drives. In contrast to various other companies, we do not run everything on the very same server. All of our plans are quite powerful and make it possible for you to manage heavy, resource-demanding websites, so we've ensured that the PostgreSQL database storage space feature matches the rest of the features. The Hepsia web hosting Control Panel that is provided with the semi-dedicated accounts will allow you to view the size of any PostgreSQL database which you have along with the total size of all of the databases, and these numbers will be available solely for your own information.